Alternativas. Cuadernos de Trabajo Social

Evolucionando hacia la formación de trabajo social basada en las competencias

Guido Cuyvers


There is new paradigm in higher education which could be described as competence based education. In this article, we explore the conditions in which this paradigm can lead to better results of the educational process. We first define the meaning of 'competences' and we then describe how they were developed in the Flemish context. We also explain our competence framework, the real basis for competence based education. Next we focus on the consequences of this approach and finally we describe a way to implement this approach in an educational organization. For this article, we rely on the findings and the insights we developed in a research project realized in co-operation with partners of our university association (Minne, 2008).

Palabras clave

Competence based education; Social work; Educational process


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